I'm Shae (any pronouns), a graphic designer, illustrator, and vampire from Canada who loves making cute and magical art

Recent Projects (under construction)

iustitia: an ace attorney women zine (2024)ace attorneyhttps://aawomenzine.tumblr.com/
dames: fantasy warriors (2024)originaldames-zine.tumblr.com
memento mori: a curse of strahd zine (2023)dungeons & dragonshttps://sergeizarovich.itch.io/m-mori-vol1
magical knights (2023)originaldames-zine.tumblr.com
tome of pacts (2022)originalkickstarter.com/projects/swcg/tome-of-pacts-zine/description
dames: warrior women of legend (2020)originaldames-zine.tumblr.com